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Is your business looking for a qualified professional staff to handle your order processing?  Are you currently using a service and feel you’re not getting the results or paying the price you should?  Are you just getting started and need help?  We understand these and many more questions and concerns businesses have about order processing.

Equipment is the key in this game.  We utilize a state-of-the-art Automated Call Distributor, or ACD.  The ACD reads your 800 number when dialed and displays your company name to our representative, allowing him or her to greet the caller with a customized response.  Since the ACD identifies your specific 800 number, it helps you with your marketing efforts.  You can use a unique 800 number for each of your media sources (newspaper, magazine, radio, television, etc.) allowing us to record the number of calls that come in for each 800 number, providing you with accurate media tracking data.  This lets you know which media source gives you the best return for your advertising dollar.

Professional representatives who understand your business and the product or service you’re offering is also critical.  After signing up with this service, a specific management and training groups are formed for your business.  This assures you that when a caller calls to order, we take total care of the process.  We send the order to you or your fulfillment facility or to whomever you direct us.

Give us a call and we  can further discuss your specific needs.

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